Which Sunglasses Best Protect Your Vision?

While sunglasses are often deemed to be no more than a fashion accessory, the impact that they have on your vision is critically important. The choice of your sunglasses is every bit as important as your choice of sun block for your skin. The National Eye Institute reports that UV radiation can damage proteins in […]

$3 Sunglasses are No Bargain for Your Eyes

You might think you’ve found a bargain when you picked up those $3 sunglasses but your eyes might end up paying a bigger price. Those bargain sunglasses can actually do great damage to your vision by allowing harmful UV light to penetrate rather than blocking it. Wearing tinted lenses causes your eyes to dilate, which […]

Fashionably Small Sunglasses Fail to Protect Eyes

For those not hip to the latest fashion trends, tiny sunglasses are all the rage. While the diminutive shades may turn heads, they won’t protect your eyes from UV rays. These microshades may be fashionable but really aren’t functional. The purpose of sunglasses is to reduce brightness for comfort and protect our eyes from UV […]

Don’t let the eclipse make you blind!

YES, you can go blind looking at the solar eclipse. NO, you cannot use regular sunglasses. YES, you need certified eclipse viewing glasses or other certified optical devices to safely view the eclipse.

Solar Sunglasses for the Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is August 21st. ¬†Are you ready? Order your CE Certified solar sunglasses before they’re out of stock by clicking the image below.

Be savvy about your sunglasses

When shopping for sunglasses, your top priority should not be finding the right designer pair but making sure that they will protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. The right sunglasses can be great defenders against short- and long-terme eye damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays. Be mindful of the following tips when selecting sunglasses: […]

Darker sunglasses can be worse for the eyes

Darker sunglasses can be worse for the eyes, ophthalmologists say. In interviews with MedPage Today, experts explained how heavily tinted sunglasses can actually allow more ultraviolet light to penetrate the eyes and cause damage. Normally, the pupils constrict in high-light conditions for protection, but sunglasses can inhibit this natural physiological response by dimming the incoming […]

Blue-Eyed Baseball Player Blames Sun for Lower Daytime Batting Average.

Do blue eyed people really have decreased in vision in the sunlight?

Eeew! What’s that thing in your eye???

What exactly is a pinguecula and how did it get on my eye?

Mother Alert – Sun damage not only to skin, but eyes, experts warn.

It is critical to be aware of the importance of protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays using hats and sunglasses.