Leonardo da Vinci’s greatness due to an eye disorder?

Perhaps if Leonardo da Vinci had access to a good eye doctor, his great skill as an artist may have never developed and the world may have never known his name. A recent examination of da Vinci’s artistic works shed some light on the possibility that the great artist suffered from an eye disorder known […]

Maternal drug abuse puts baby’s eye health at risk

In a recent retrospective study, researchers have found that children are significantly more likely be born with strabismus and nystagmus if the mother abused substances during pregnancy. The study looked at 301 children who were born to mothers who misused substances (heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, or other illicit drugs) while pregnant, and compared them to 7887 […]

Babies need eye exams too

Statistics show that ten percent of infants have undetected eye problems which can range from crossed eyes to cancer.

Increased risk of “crossed eyes” with in-utero exposure

A recent study indicates that children whose mothers smoked while they were pregnant are at an increased risk of strabismus.

Avatar in 3D might cause visual problems in some people

3D movies are making a huge comeback these days. Moviegoers flocked to the blockbuster “Avatar” and were dazzled by the 3D images. However, for a small percentage of people, 3D movies can be a real headache.