Steroid injections into the Eye best for Macular Edema

The Periocular and Intravitreal Corticosteroids for Uveitic Macular Edema(POINT) Trial was just published by National Institutes of Health. For patients with CME from uveitis, injections into the eye worked better than injections on the outside surface of the eye 46% reduction with Ozurdex (dexamethasone) implant in vitreous 39% reduction with triamcinolone acetonide (Triesence) in vitreous […]

Time-released steroids offer a new way to treat AMD

A collaboration between researchers at Wayne State University, the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Medicine resulted in the discovery that dry age-related macular degeneration could be treated by attaching steroids to nanoparticles called dendrimers.

Which medications have risk of causing blindness?

Prednisone can cause glaucoma and the formation of cataracts. People who require prednisone to control their disease must be regularly checked by an ophthalmologist.