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Lutein levels in the eye linked to higher achievement in children

Two recent studies demonstrated that children who do better in school have higher lutein levels in the eye. Even after taking in consideration other factors including IQ, gender, body composition and physical fitness, children that had higher lutein levels did better on cognition tests and performed better academically. In the first study, researchers measured lutein […]

Say it ain’t so, Lance……Armstrong throws in the towel

Our heroes, one by one, fall back to earth. The Black Sox, Pete Rose, Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, Joe Paterno, and now, Lance Armstrong. As an avid bicyclist, I always felt I could ride just a little bit faster and a little bit harder when I was wearing my Lance Armstrong U.S. Postal Service bicycle […]

VisiVite’s R.B.I. Enhances Eyesight Performance

With under 60 days to go before the new rbivitamins.com web site and product launch, we proudly announce R.B.I. Vision Performance – the world’s first athletic vision accelerator. Here’s what it does: Improved contrast Reduced glare Better transition from bright sun to shade Increases macular pigmentation Accelerates retinal receptor transmission speed Read more at www.rbivitamins.com. […]