Retina offers a look at the brain

While it is known that the retina is a crucial part of vision, it is also viewed by many doctors to be the window to the brain, since it is linked directly to the brain via the optic nerve. Armed with this knowledge, researchers at the University of Illinois/Chicago are creating imaging techniques that will […]

Parkinson’s disease and vision loss may share genetic origins

Recent research has suggested a link between Parkinson’s disease and vision loss. The study, led by Dr. Chris Elliot at the University of York’s Biology department, has associated a genetic mutation responsible for Parkinson’s disease with low visual acuity. While the neurodegenerative disorder is most often characterized by movement difficulties, slowness, and tremor, there can also […]

Aging physicians possible cause for concern

With the increasing age of physicians who are practicing medicine, concerns are being raised over their ability to practice safely.

Eye test in development to help with early diagnosis

An eye test in early development may transform doctors’ ability to detect and treat diseases such as glaucoma and Alzheimer’s.