Retina offers a look at the brain

While it is known that the retina is a crucial part of vision, it is also viewed by many doctors to be the window to the brain, since it is linked directly to the brain via the optic nerve. Armed with this knowledge, researchers at the University of Illinois/Chicago are creating imaging techniques that will […]

New hope for those with optic nerve damage

Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital were able to restore some visual function in mice that had optic nerve damage by using a combination of gene therapy and a channel-blocking drug. This is the first therapy that has been successful that can viably be used in a clinical setting. Other tested therapies could only be done […]

Glaucoma is Far More Than Just High Pressure

This month, Dr. Krawitz has challenged me to acquire a clinical skill known as gonioscopy. ¬†Goniscopy is when a technician or doctor looks at the angular structure of you eye, through a mirrored gonioscopic lens, to determine of you have Narrow Angle Glaucoma. ¬†Many Ophthalmologists throughout the country do not know how to do this, […]