Why are more children becoming nearsighted?

The National Eye Institute is sponsoring a study to determine the effect of red and blue light on children’s vision. The University of Houston College of Optometry has a lab set up and children aged 7 to 14 who are accompanied by a guardian sleep over and are exposed to red and blue lights at […]

Results of our Vision and Legal Driving Poll

Last month, Mary Sweetman, a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant, wrote about the legal requirements for vision when driving. We decided to ask the opinions of our readers how they felt about this prickly issue.

Where will opticians find jobs?

Apple has introduced a new app that measures Pupil Distance, making online eyeglass shopping that much easier.

One in Five Teenagers Reports Sight Problems

A survey of 1,500 school-aged children revealed that 20% of them report difficulty with their eyesight.

When was YOUR last eye exam?

The National Eye Institute has announced that May 2009 is Healthy Vision Month. Find out what you need to know. You walk into an eye doctor’s office and ask for an “eye exam.” Do you know what to expect? Eighty percent of people under the age of 65 in this country believe that an eye […]