Rubbing Your Eyes can be Harmful

This innocent habit can damage your cornea and retina. Cornea Damage: You could inadvertently scratch your cornea with a fingernail causing a corneal abrasion. Excessive eye rubbing can lead to corneal astigmatism. Develop keratoconus: Excessive eye rubbing can lead to keratoconus, which causes the cornea to become thinner and weaker and can cause permanent visual […]

New Contact Lenses That are Able to Deliver Drugs Through Your Eye

A few weeks ago, I had a patient who was telling me that he heard about these new contact lenses that were able to deliver a steady stream of medication to the person wearing them.  I know eye drops are a huge problem for many of our patients.  It can be extremely difficult to put […]

Eyedrop for wet AMD being developed

A revolutionary way to treat patients with wet age-related macular degeneration is currently in a clinical program. Ohr Pharmaceutical announced that it took the intravenous formulation of its Squalamine and reformulated it to a topical eye drop.

How to put in eyedrops with your eyes closed!

Helpful hints on how to instill eye drops on yourself.

Cyclosporine is effective in treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome

For people suffering from severe forms of dry eye, relief may be found in the form of cyclosporine.

Exotic fruit offers relief to those suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome

Scientists are encouraged by results of clinical trials using eye drops made from tamarind fruit to relieve Dry Eye syndrome.