8 Steps to Prevent Contact Lens Infections

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends 8 important steps to prevent contact lens infections. Dry eye associated with contact lens wear can be addressed with one of VisiVite’s two dry eye nutritional formulas.

Doctors Remove 27 Contact Lenses From Woman’s Eye

Mass of contact lenses removed from woman’s eye. In one of the more bizarre eye stories about eye health that we’ve heard, a woman about to undergo cataract surgery was found to have 27 contact lenses in her eye at once! http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/07/16/537562692/doctors-report-removing-27-contact-lenses-from-a-womans-eye

Contact cleanliness is key to eye health

Wearing contacts requires that the user be diligent about their care in order to avoid eye problems that can range from minor issues to permanent vision loss. Unfortunately, sometimes contact lens wearers are lackadaisical and the bad habits can have devastating consequences. The Centers for Disease Control(CDC) released results of a survey that reports that […]

Infrared vision could be possible in the near future

Working with graphene, which is the world’s strongest material, researchers at the University of Michigan have developed the first infrared light detector that is thin enough to be incorporated into contact lenses. Since graphene is only able to absorb about 2.3 percent of the light that hits it and it is unable to capture enough […]

“Zoom” contact lens being developed to aid patients with AMD

While it won’t provide people with Superman’s x-ray vision, a contact lens is being developed that has a built-in zoom that would restore vision to people with macular degeneration. This contact lens is only slightly larger than a regular contact lens but it has the ability to shift from normal vision to zoom vision using […]

Children’s headaches not usually linked to vision problems

When children complain of headaches, many parents jump to the conclusion that their child needs glasses. However, researchers have determined that this is rarely the case and that usually the headaches going away on their own without vision correction. Recently a team of pediatric ophthalmologists reviewed records from 2002 to 2011 for 158 patients under […]

Implantable contact lenses offer alternative to LASIK

For those nearsighted people out there who don’t qualify for LASIK surgery, implantable contact lenses may be just what the doctor orders. The 15-minute outpatient procedure is much less invasive than LASIK and only involves three tiny incisions in the cornea. The lens (known as Visian Implantable Colamer Lens) also offers UV protection, and unlike […]

Parasitic infection may result from poor contact lens hygiene

Contact lens wearers should be sure to follow the proper care and cleaning instructions for their contacts that was given to them by their optometrists lest they pick up an unwanted protozoa known as Acanthamoeba. Eye doctors are issuing a warning regarding the miroorganism known as Acanthamoeba which is a nasty little parasite which can […]

Vodka Eyeballing: Dangerous New Way To Get Drunk

When I first heard about Vodka Eyeballing I could not believe what I was hearing! Vodka Eyeballing is one of the latest fads to hit College campuses, not only across America, but around the World. Eyeballing involves pouring a shot of Vodka right into your eye socket. Daredevil drinkers claim that this gets you drunk in record […]

New Contact Lenses That are Able to Deliver Drugs Through Your Eye

A few weeks ago, I had a patient who was telling me that he heard about these new contact lenses that were able to deliver a steady stream of medication to the person wearing them.  I know eye drops are a huge problem for many of our patients.  It can be extremely difficult to put […]