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Obamacare Sets Back American Health Care

Yesterday’s Supreme Court Ruling sets back a long-term viable solution for American health care. But not for the reasons you might think. For-profit insurance companies were at the middle of the entire debate, and they shouldn’t have been. Here’s what really happened: 1. Some people couldn’t afford health care because private companies kept raising rates […]

Blue-Eyed Baseball Player Blames Sun for Lower Daytime Batting Average.

Do blue eyed people really have decreased in vision in the sunlight?

Eeew! What’s that thing in your eye???

What exactly is a pinguecula and how did it get on my eye?

The Best ‘Pink Eye’ Remedies

All Pink Eyes Are Not The Same

Saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen Suffers Stroke

Strokes are not only limited to occurring in your brain. Did you know your eyes can also suffer a stroke?

Accidentally Getting Sunscreen In Your Kid’s Eye Will Not Blind Them

Accidentally getting sunscreen in your kid’s eyes will not blind them.