3D-printed replacement cornea a reality

A new company, Precise Bio, will be creating 3D-printed products for human eyes, including corneas. With almost 10 million people suffering from corneal blindness, these artificially manufactured corneas would greatly reduce the supply limitations that go along with transplant waiting lists. Bioprinters utilize layers of cells and biocompatible materials to print form tissue unlike traditional […]

Help for Night Vision Difficulties

VisiVite, a world leader in the natural channel for eye vitamins, has struck a chord with its new eye vitamin formula, VisiVite NightSight. New night vision ocular nutritional formula proves popular with people ages 30-80. Night vision difficulties are universal, not only affecting older adults, but commonly in people as young as 30 years old. […]

Vodka Eyeballing: Dangerous New Way To Get Drunk

When I first heard about Vodka Eyeballing I could not believe what I was hearing! Vodka Eyeballing is one of the latest fads to hit College campuses, not only across America, but around the World. Eyeballing involves pouring a shot of Vodka right into your eye socket. Daredevil drinkers claim that this gets you drunk in record […]

Noninvasive therapy now available for those suffering from keratoconus

A new, noninvasive treatment for keratoconus offers hope to those patients suffering from the eye disease.

When is a Child Old Enough To Wear Contact Lenses?

Guidelines to help you decide if your child is old enough for contact lenses.

Free Eye Health Book this month to first 100 people that sign up

We’re giving away my eBook, Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Eye Health this month only to the first 100 subscribers. To sign up for this free offer, go to http://www.visivite.com/get-free-ebook.html. It’s packed with insider’s information, advice and recommendations about Lasik, Contact Lenses, Dry Eye, Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, and more. Paul Krawitz, M.D., President […]

Eeew! What’s that thing in your eye???

What exactly is a pinguecula and how did it get on my eye?

Fuchs dystrophy linked to free radical damage

A study published in the American Journal of Pathology identifies free radicals as the culprits behind the progression of this inherited corneal disease.